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„Glorious Times“, 2016, Gebäude 1, installation of finds, various measures

Installation view „Glorious Times“


„Glorious Times“ makes the aesthetics of the find, the used and now superfluous daily object, the left-overs to the subject of a site-specific and temporary installation in the "Gebäude 1", short before the whole building will get torn down. Being displayed and connected differently, the chosen objects get another function and importance. While the objects graphically and spatially refer to the continuously changed and adapted architecture and structure of the building, they still stand for themselves. The carpet, every screw, every hole in the wall, every colour coat and wallpaper layer, gives evidence of the history and the protagonists of this building. In the foreground of the demolition of the Gebäude 1 the title "Glorious Times" asks in a ironical way for the splendor of the worn-down, the thrown out, the transient goods. How do we define the glorious? Does it illustrate a state, which is worth striving for, is it sustainable and forward looking? Thinking of the demolition, the destruction and the new building - do the glorious times lie in the past, here and now or in the future?